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Translation and Legalization

This activity is performed basing on Contract No 58/95-00-150/2001 concluded with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are on the official list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the companies that have concluded contracts to perform that activity (http://www.mfa.bg/).

We have translators with long-term professional experience at our disposal, which are specified in a list coordinated with, and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and which list is an inseparable part of the abovementioned Contract.

We perform official translation of documents, other acts and texts from foreign languages into Bulgarian and vice versa. We have elaborated general conditions and a price list regarding the translation services provided.

First group of languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish;

Second group of languages: Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian, Turkish, Hungarian, Greek and Romanian;

Third group of languages: Arabian, Albanian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Portugal;

Fourth group of languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Latvian.

Legalization of Bulgarian and foreign documents – pricing according to the parameters of each specific order.